Raspberry Muffin Bread


Today, using my Dad’s recipe for muffins, I made a loaf of bread and put raspberries in it. I think the word I’m now looking for is, um, success!

Also, I ran a half marathon a week ago. But I’ve been really struggling to write updates because I’ve been writing so many other things. So, I ran it in 1.38.29, which is about 7.31 minutes/mile, and that’s cool, because it beats my personal best by about ten minutes.

Less cool because the course in Edinburgh is super way extremely flat and fast, so I may never have a personal best again, except when I run in Edinburgh.

More cool again because I actually AM racing in Edinburgh again, on May 27, and you can support me by clicking here and donating to Oxfam. Yep, shameless pitch. But I promise this: I will try really hard to run even faster. I’m training and everything.

Other exciting fun facts: I am apparently good at efficiency and organization. I like to organize things. I find the execution of organized things less enjoyable. I also luck ducks. A lot.

I am reading The Glass Room by Simon Mawer right now. I have no idea where it’s going. I’m halfway through and I feel like everything that was going to happen has happened but there are 200 more pages. This is excellent cause for concern.

Glad I could share these incredibly important thoughts with all of you.


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