Music, blogging and all-important coffee


This week has been huge. I worked 21 hours, wrote a 4500 word essay, a column for the Wheel (link here), went to class, and tried to get in half marathon training for the Edinburgh half at the end of May.

I totally didn’t blog. Although that might be obvious. I was also gifted some music, which is currently making me unrealistically happy.

Coffee is fantastic, but it doesn’t work for me for more than a week unless I sleep. I think this might be a discovery that confirms as usual that my mother is right about sleep and things. Although I can get away with a week of decreased sleep and loads of coffee as long as I plan to sleep 26 hours over the weekend. Arguably not the healthiest life strategy.

Right now I’m yawning my face off in the aftermath of chugging Starbucks finest instant coffee, which I did not even know existed. Gross. I need two more. Unfortunately, I think coffee might also give me the shakes, so that’s awesome.


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    • Foster the People is my new fave! And then he gave me a bunch more so now I’m swamped in albums. Also The Chromatics, The Weeknd, and the new Shins album when I was writing this post. Will update on my musical explorations soon, though, for sure.

      Also, completely agree about the sleep. Getting 9 tonight I hope. Excited!

    • AH! I was just writing it to the spider gal — so I’m loving Foster the People and the Weeknd of some of the new stuff, but now there’s a whole bunch more so I have to review and will probably dedicate another post to it 🙂

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