Official News: Blogging > Working, Creative = Smile


I seriously miss my blog and I blame having a real job.

Not to worry, folks: I’m still writing fiendishly, but I have had less time for the random creative endeavors that so often fill these posts. In any case, I’m making an effort to be more organized and just multiply output by two. This is somewhat dramatic because it means if I was producing x amount before, now I will begin to produce 2x amount. HA… you thought I was going to say something smart when I began that sentence, or at least something less obvious. I apologize, this is just what my brain thought. It might take awhile to get up to 2x.

It would probably be a good idea to write some more Rules soon because otherwise I might lose my path toward the Lime Life. So that’s on the agenda for 2x Thursday (tomorrow).

And poetry would be good. I think I was discouraged recently in my poetic endeavors. It’s the self-critical parts of us that really seem able to stymy creative outpourings. Unfortunately. One of the weirder things I’ve done since I was a kid is collect quotes that I love, type them or write them, and add them to a small folder where they are combined with funny or pretty cards people have given me, bizarre doodles from class, and other scraps of life like bumper stickers, etc. I take this folder with me and reassemble the items described on a bulletin board so that now most bits have multiple holes in them from the various thumb tacks I’ve stuck them with over the years. It’s nice because it reminds me that I like to be creative — that sometimes I’m good at it and that other people who are creative inspire me.

Two of my best friends are in med school this year. They’re incredibly smart people, but I think part of what makes them so smart (and yes, I know this is not an original thought), is the wild imaginations they challenge themselves to have. They are not only willing to take a different tack, they have so long welcomed it that now it’s a natural part of problem-solving in their daily lives — and it’s a natural part of the way they observe the world around them. Neither one consents to expectations that might permit underperformance, but neither do they mistake the straight and narrow for the best path from point A to point B.

It’s cool shiz. I’m glad they like me, even when I don’t blog. My life would be very boring otherwise.

take a walk


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  1. You’re creative and have a wild imagination, too. like your med school friends (and you provide a non med school balance to their lives…which is really really important)
    Besides you have such an eye – not everyone would have recognized how great that wall and sign are. Just abstract art by nature.

  2. Naughty jobs taking away blog time. I have the problem as well, I often have to write several blog posts ahead of posting time and schedule them.

    • I’m just not that disciplined. I feel like if I write it I just want to post it. TOO IMPATIENT! But the measured approach is definitely the better approach…

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