151 posts and the girls’ night out


oh em geee… this is my 152nd post. Yeah. What up.

K, moving right along. This weekend I had a girls’ night with my academic mum, who rocks my world every time I see her, another Bobby who is ab fab (this stands for Absolutely Fabulous, in case you are abbreviation-deficit like I am), and my going-out soulmate, because we can say ridiculous things to each other and understand that they are ridiculous things to say.

A couple of evening highlights:

1) the man who is golfing the Old Course today and bought us a pitcher of Long Island Iced Tea at The Rule. #hellohangover (except I’m not actually hungover because I drink a lot of water and there were a lot of us, but if you just drank a whole pitcher of Long Island Iced Tea by yourself you would definitely be hungover, just so you know).

2) The Rule, because it was playing all the best 80s/90s music. Though I really don’t understand why all bars don’t play Skee Lo all the time.

3) the girl on the balcony part of The Rule who didn’t realize we could all see up her skirt. Fortunately she was wearing nylons, but honestly, I wanted to say something. My g-o soulmate and mum did not think this was advisable.

4) dancing at the Vic, minus the incredibly bad DJ. I don’t understand techno being intermixed into every song.

5) my polka-dot trousers.

the incredible sad lowlight:

my cute black jacket from H&M disappeared from out of the huge pile of our stuff at the Vic. I do not understand how. Even separating it from the pile would have required digging around and choosing not to bother with wallets or real coats. So that’s sad. But maybe the universe will return it to me. Sometimes that happens.

Other random information: Right now I am listening to the Maccabees and it is nice. Except for the fact that I have a sore throat, which is not nice.

Dear Saturday-Sunday, thank you for letting me go to bed early and wake up late. You are so nice.


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