Super Slow Freak Out


Panic is supposed to be all-consuming and fast-acting, right? I’m undecided. I think I’m capable of slowly freaking out subdermally so that when I do eventually panic or freak out externally, it’s been building over time and can’t even really be expressed in a single moment or spasm of emotion.

But when I wrote the title to this blog post, I didn’t really have that in mind.

Actually I was thinking something along the lines of “oh my God, I’m not getting faster, therefore I’m really slow, therefore FREAK OUT!”


Basically that’s the news. Despite the fact that I’m still waiting for someone to donate ten more pounds to Oxfam for my race on Sunday, I’m super worried that I won’t be able to uphold my “run fast” promise because I’m sore today and ran slow on a six-miler that should have gone really fast. It’s hilly-er than the race, though, so I guess I have that to count on.

If anyone has musical recommendations that I should download between now and then, I will do it. I need inspiration. How fast can you get in six days?


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