Race Results and the Traveling Phenome


Ok. So it wasn’t as impressive as I hoped.

However, thank you to all of you incredible donating fiends for giving to Oxfam and helping me reach my goal. I did run in my cape, I did try to smile at cameras and high five small children, and I did get a massage after the race from Oxfam volunteers, which was absolutely incredible.

The time? 1.43.46. This is about 7 minutes and 51 seconds per mile. I have decided that I need more than six weeks between half marathons in the future. My new rule = six months recovery/training time. Otherwise I’m worried that I will hurt myself and be sad. But don’t worry! I did not hurt myself this time and I am not sad! I am so happy. (Big grin).

Here is me in my cape, for Danetreous’ donation:


On an entirely unrelated note, tomorrow I am going to London en route to Barcelona to meet my sister who is awesome and I am just absurdly happy about the whole thing. So that’s exciting.

And then I’m going to India with my mother. I feel like this is the year I spent filling my passport. Not a bad accomplishment.


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    • Aahh… Thanks girl 🙂 And thank you so much for the donation support. Fingers crossed I don’t run out of fast juice. Lol. I’m feeling a little shin-splinty.

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