Barcelona with My Sister… Adventures Galore


It’s official, Gaudi was a genius.

On our first day in Barcelona, I realized I had forgotten my camera in London (ugh) and mostly packed for colder weather (double ugh). Even so, my sister (the major champ who had flown all night from NY) and I hit the ground running around 1 pm by eating a magnificent something or other at a bustling market, visiting the Sagrada Familia, and walking through L’eixample to discover a tapas bar with a line out the front before it opened at 8:30 and we just managed to get inside, garner a tapas coach sitting at the bar and taste some cava (Catalonian champagne — yum).

So that was pretty impressive.

Maybe I should also mention that we slept in a hostel in the middle of the old city, in a room that could really only be described as airless, or windowless, or um, stuffy. So that was less pleasant, but we did ok, and we probably spent all of the money on delicious food that we would have spent on a more ‘ideal’ or ‘pleasant’ hotel.

We did a beach walk the second day, stood wait deep in the Mediterranean and noticed that Barcelona is European and therefore somewhat topless. We also ate ice cream and managed to arrive an unfortunate 45 minutes late to dinner with a friend who lives in Barcelona. Slightly embarrassing, slightly impressive.

The next morning we saw Gaudi’s Guelle Park north of the old city. It’s mystical. He was sort of like the Disney of architecture without the dirty mind. Or maybe he had a dirty mind. Who knows.

Then we shopped (wow for shoes in Barcelona) and we had small fish chew on our feet (pedicure) and then we ate paella. Super success.

We even managed to catch our flights in the morning and return to normal life yesterday (which for me included the Queen’s Jubilee — ok so maybe not quite normal life).

Right. That was cool.


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