Free Wifi!


So the internet lied to me and said I had a minute left but then started having all these pop-ups about extending my time and I didn’t get to post this gem.

WELL… here it is anyway, from yesterday.

Ok, it wasn’t really free. It just grabbed some money off of my skype account and awarded me 15 minutes of free wifi. Liars.

BUT, it does mean that you all get the loveliness of a blog post updating you on my trip from London to Milan (uneventful, for once in my life), where I am now hanging out on a six hour layover until I fly overnight to New Delhi and then to Dharamsala. Fun fact: I get to meet the Dalai Lama. I give my mother full credit for all of this. We’re visiting with a cousin’s mother-in-law, presenting at an informal conference with the Central Tibetan Administration, and generally taking malaria pills and drinking bottled water.

No exaggeration: I’m super excited.

7 minutes left.

Mmkay. Other than that, I should mention that my best friend is getting married in less than a month, I have to pee really badly because I’ve been hydrating a lot, I’m not sure what to eat but I’m in Italy for six hours so pizza or pasta is hopefully available — should I eat extra because I’m going to have a pathetically sensitive stomach in India? Yes, probably — and my cell phone has been a dastardly piece of equipment for the last week. It won’t receive text messages and sometimes it won’t scroll (it’s a BlackBerry, so that’s super inconvenient). Milan is cool. I wish I weren’t just hanging in the airport. I want some incredible linguini in my belly.

That was just some free association I thought everyone would be super excited about.

Another thing people should probably get excited about: I have read half of this week’s Economist today and eaten half a bag of peanut M&M’s. I also have a copy of the SCI FI edition of the New Yorker. Oh Em Gee. Have I got an exciting afternoon ahead of me. Absolutely.

Mom — I will see you soon. I believe you will also make it to New Delhi, even though your flight is currently delayed. Blog readers? Cross your fingers for my mama!


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