Flash Epiphany Like Aquamarine


Flash Epiphany Like Aquamarine

The title of this poem
hardly means anything at all
except that it is relevant
to a frame of mind
diluted by sleep deprivation,
to a travel weary body
that has consumed so many words
on so many pages
for so many hours
that now the mind pondering
new information
(otherworldly as science fiction
or grounded as The Economist)
feels inseparable from the body walking.
And the colors on the street,
despite the rain clouds,
are so bright as to seem

In no uncertain terms
I am feeling uncertain.
I am asking the universe
to communicate with me
to step in with a demonstration
a presentation
ten powerpoint slides
that direct me where to turn
left or right
that gently inform
regarding the relationship between cause
and effect – within the confines
of my particular existence.

Dear universe, guide this traveler
to clarity
of direction.
The colors on the street
may be so bright,
but where are they brightest?

Or is it wrong to think
that one path might be in competition
with another?
Maybe the answer is to accept
and leap wholly into what is
– ultimately – but what to do
with the privilege of choice
how to weigh or list
or comprehend the pros and the cons.
I do not know.
And the title of this poem
is just the sense I have realized
that one hue is not an answer
and one epiphany is not enough
and one flash is only lightening
as easy to explain as physics ever was.


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