Travel Travails, per the usual


I have managed to land in the middle of a weather catastrophe in Northern England.

I have met two exceptional people who made that catastrophe dramatically easier.

I have made a decision about the next few months of my life and it is thrilling and daunting.

What a world.


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  1. What catastrophe? What is your decision about the next two months of your life? You are keeping us on edge here (I just read your blog post out loud to my husband….). Two people in New Jersey on waiting for the big reveal!

    • Haha — there was a huge rainstorm that caused a landslide over a part of the rail in Northern England, making it difficult to go North of England, but I made it!

      And I’m going to University of Chicago for law in the fall 🙂 Very exciting.

      • Congrats on your decision…perhaps Obama will be back teaching there…he might be looking for a new job after November! Let’s hope not. My husband got his MBA from Chicago…seems you two have some strange parallels…Scotland, Chicago…what next?!

        • Who knows! But he doesn’t sound like a bad person to have parallels with 🙂 Thank you so much. And yes, let’s hope no Obama at UChicago — we have a better job available for him!

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