My Failure to Blog


Having failed to blog for over a week, my daily hits have dwindled. That makes me sad but it does seem reasonable. Why would you visit my blog if I didn’t write anything?

So I’m back, although it may not be for long. Treasure this last month of posts because we’re nearing the end folks. Or, we’re at least nearing the end of the time when I was a dedicated blogger. Or, maybe we’ve already entered that time. But I might have a month of it left in me. And after that, things will be intermittent. So now you’ve been warned. Extensively.

The truth is I have to learn to write a little more… professionally. The efforts will be focused elsewhere. And I need to read read read.

Unrelatedly, my neck and back are killing me. I will pay big bucks for a super massage. And by big bucks, I mean bear hugs. I will pay bear hugs.


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