Went to a Wedding


And saw my best friend get married.

We also planned and executed an ab fab flash mob to Apple Bottom Jeans toward the beginning of the reception, which caused ESP-turned-EPT to make a face I have never seen for an exceptionally long time. It was a big “O” and I believe it was delighted, although I think she was so shocked that she could feel neither delight nor horror at seeing her new grandmothers “turn around and give [those] big boot[ies] a slap.”

An impressive group of people made that happen. JPT also seemed pleased with the performance, if less visibly awed.

Of course, there were also brilliant toasts and thoughtful vows. Everyone went around hugging each other and generally being dramatically happy. There was even some costuming on the day preceding the wedding, when (most of) the bridesmaids dressed like golfers to go and cheer for people who were actually golfing (including one particularly athletic bridesmaid). The Puerto Rican won best dressed but it’s just because everyone always thinks she’s the cutest.

And at the end of it all, the couple walked through sparklers and made their getaway late — what kind of good wedding doesn’t run late? — and the bridal party nearly fell over with exhaustion — only the best kind — and the parents looked doubly exhausted but mostly happy, which is a good sign for parents parting with their grown-up children.

Congratulation, EPT and JPT, you done good and it ain’t gone rain.


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