Short, the Answer is Short


I’m not prepared to write a novel. And I only have one month. However, I may have found a short story writing niche.

This is excellent news.

Now I am drinking an almond latte and feeling altogether reinvigorated in my efforts. I highly recommend almond lattes, coconut lattes and peppermint white mochas, but if you order a peppermint white mocha at Starbucks, be sure to remind the barista that you only want four pumps otherwise you’ll have sugar coming out your nose.

And as long as I’m giving unsolicited advice, I highly recommend obeying the speed limit. It’s super relaxing.

Lastly, Twitter is way more fun than I thought. Just gettin my tweet on.

I feel like this kid — LOOK, an orange ball!


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    • But at least you will have something thrilling to be proud of. I know you will, even if you’re feeling a little, um, unsure yourself. Haha… because I understand that.

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