On being home, applications, and Roald Dahl


I love being from Montana. It is awesome. And Absarokee Days is today! Even though I have missed the parade, it will be exciting stuff. Maybe there will even be dancing. And possibly beer.

What a life.

Even more exciting, I have applied for two jobs and almost nearly come very close to finishing a short story, and pretty soon I am certain that a funny metaphor about life will occur to me and I will be able to post it to this blog and you will be able to laugh and we will all have succeeded in laughing, which should always be a major goal.

Lastly, if you have never read James and the Giant Peach, I think you should, because it doesn’t take very long and it’s incredibly fantastical and, fun fact, it was Roald Dahl’s first children’s book, which is cool. Before it, he published a book of adult short stories — and let me say, Dahl writes some seriously good adult short stories (so good, in fact, that I think children also enjoy them) — but James and the Giant Peach was the first dive into fabulous imaginative elements of childhood. And we’re very lucky he took that dive.


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  1. All of Roald Dahl books are great. I bought a box set before I had a child so if I did it would be useful. So hopefully when he gets older, it will be useful. I loved James and the giant peach, also BFG, Witches, and more. Hmm, might have to do a post on him sometime soon.

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