A Postcard at Charis Books, discovered 2009


Each Girl, Each Boy

(Translated from Spanish)

For every girl tired of acting weak
When she is strong, there is a boy
Tired of appearing strong when he feels
Vulnerable./ For every boy sick of the
constant expectation that he know
everything, there is a girl tired that
people don’t trust her intelligence./ For
every girl who is tired of being considered
super sensitive, there is a boy who is
afraid to be gentle and cry./ For every
boy whose sole mechanism for demonstrating
masculinity is competition, there is a
girl accused of not being feminine because
she competes./ For every girl who throws
away her baby doll, there is a boy
who wishes he could find one./ For Every
boy struggling because advertising does not
correspond with his hopes and desires, there
is a girl whose self-esteem is being attacked
by advertisers./ For every girl who takes
a step toward her liberation, there is a boy
who finds an easier path to freedom.

Each Boy, Each Girl


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