Armpit (and even less glorious) Hair


Did you know that when you shave, when the hair grows back it can be split and you can have multiple hairs growing from the same root? Did you? Did you?

According to a lady who waxed my eyebrows it’s true. Which means you can get all bushy in the armpits and “down there” if you shave a lot. It might have been a ploy to get me to wax my entire body instead of just my eyebrows, but then I started examining one of the armpit hairs in question and I am telling you, they’re like little groves of hair trees in the armpit hair forest. Unacceptable.

I don’t know what the answer is.


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    • Ok… I seriously prefer a very little bit of growth to rashy. Rashy SUCKS.

      Still, sound advice, ma’am. Very sound advice.

      Are you up for an exchange tomorrow or Friday??

    • Yikes… I can’t imagine waxing my pits. Also, do you think that’s a worthwhile long-term investment? Like, will it pay off? Or do you think there’s a chance I would just end up with cancer?

      • I don’t shave at all because of cultural reasons. Waxing hurts the first few times after which it’s a non-issue. And lasts at least two weeks, usually three! re: laser — I am currently having it done for the underarms and it is good so far! Also, in theory, the lasers are non-ionizing and can’t break DNA bonds which means they shouldn’t be associated with cancer at all. However, we say that now but ten years down the line…

        • Oh, this is good good good information. Someone on my fb wall suggested waxing at home. Have you done that? I might be interested in exploring the possibility. Is the lasering super expensive? I also like that option. This whole hair-splitting thing is just too weird.

          • I only wax at home! My mom taught me how when I was in like early high school or whenever these things start becoming necessary. Sally Beauty Supplies has really good quality wax, and I use popsicle sticks to spread it! Haha. Also, we got one of those groupon/similar company deals for the laser removal, so it was decent. Maybe keep an eye out?

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