In Which There is a Birthday Party and a Taylor Swift Song


The Taylor Swift song is better than I expected. (Someone else played it).

But I prefer Lorde. She’s the discovery of the year so far. And the people who received a link to her song in a text from me are winners. Request and I’ll send it to you as well because I happen to like everyone enough to think you’re winners. I mean, if I have your number. Like, that’s a thing.

Ok. Team. Tomorrow will be my confessional/exciting post, I promise.

Tonight I will say this: I made strawberry blueberry muffins with coconut oil that are awesome and entirely whole wheat. I am wearing a sweater tank top with a peace sign because it’s my new favorite shirt. And I am going to a birthday party and also to a concert. It’s pretty much a big night. Like, whoa.

In all seriousness, coconut beer is incredible. And blueberry, but not the overly sweet kind. I believe that everyone should be picky about beer.

Mmkay. Thanks. Bye.

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  1. I’m definitely picky about beer, and taylor swift songs. I usually hate them when I first hear them, then slowly begin to find them catchy, and then hate them again once I think about them too much or they’re overplayed

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