(Rules for) Living Life on the Lime (515)


A. Appreciate the rain. Other people have so much more or less of it than they need. Just appreciate yours.

B. Remember to use I-statements when expressing your discomfort with someone else.

  1. Example: “I feel angry because you ate all the pie, dude!”
  2. Example: “I feel happy because I scored three goals on that group of children, which means I win.”
  3. Example: “When you poke me in the side, I feel tickled.”
  4. And so on.

C. Consider the consequences of your actions.

  1. Like if you eat too many blueberries and spinach, it might give you the runs.
  2. Or if you get into the shower with your glasses on, they might get wet.

D. Re-use zip-lock bags.

E. There can never be too many raspberries or blueberries, despite what I said earlier.

F. Trust yourself.


2 responses »

  1. I agree with everything on this list, especially F. Trusting myself has been a struggle, especially working in a field like design where people look to you for guidance and your opinion on these things, while you know that they’ll more often than not want you to create something that you don’t like.

    I try to do D but I throw them away more often than not….Blowin Money Fast like Rick Ross and not in a good way

    And I steer clear of blueberries and raspberries straight up, unless they’re mixed into something like a drink or bread, so I’m indifferent to that one I guess….?

  2. Hold up. WHAT? You steer clear of blueberries and raspberries straight up? That shit cray. Done and done. I do like blueberries in everything, though, so we can compromise on the bread opinion.

    Thanks for visiting and appreciating 🙂 xox

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