By way of explanation: I am The Lime.

The links included are, I hope, unexpected.

I like to pick raspberries.

My skin is very sensitive to things like the sun or the cold or the grass or little pieces of hair that shed off of my head and stick to my clothes and then sometimes brush my skin and make me panic because I think a spider has infiltrated the premises. Although sometimes they just itch in an annoying way and I don’t have to panic.

I also like to eat a lot of things, including pumpkin pie, spinach, cheesy fries from Hoagieville and blueberry banana lemon poppyseed muffins. And also my Dad‘s really good pancakes. And broccoli.

Sometimes I speak Spanish and sometimes I listen to songs by Das Racist or Manu Chao or Sublime because they have lyrics in Spanish and in English, which is complicated but fun. Regina Spektor is cool, too.

I hate the phrase “It was a fun time.”

My poetry is bad, but most poetry is bad, and that’s not a good reason to stop writing it (although the poetry in those last links is not bad). It might, however, be a good reason for not sharing it. But Garrett says it’s not and Garrett is usually right about poetry.

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  1. Hello! Elsewhere, you said you love Akitas so I came to visit – I’ve enjoyed the bits of writing I perused so far (but I readily admit to not really reading the poetry, I’m too thick for it). I’ve added myself to your followers, and not just because you’ve the same theme as I! 🙂

  2. Funny story. I’ve met you! My fiance clicked on your blog from facebook and saw the same Madison Woods prompt that I had just posted so then I just had to solve the mystery and it’s you. You’re the Lime, but you already knew that, I was the one in the dark.

  3. Aahh, and if I had ever clicked on your Gravatar, I would have known! Funny what a small internet world it is. Congratulations on your baby girl and good writing, lady — I hope I see you again sometime down the line 🙂

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