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(Rules for) Living Life on the Lime (5)


A)    Bring a raincoat to Scotland. (Maybe also an umbrella.)

B)    Consider coming up with the best nickname you can imagine, and then multiply it by ten.

  1. Because that is what Truck is.
  2. It is the most useful and versatile. (The following is a list of examples compiled by Robbie.)

i.     Parties = Monster Truck Rallies

ii.     Being driven home = Towing the Truck

iii.     Being unable to drive home = Having 4 Flat Tires

iv.     His Bedroom = the Garage

v.     Hitting on girls = Revving the Engine

C)    Write at least one love letter in your life.

D)    When traveling across many time zones over a series of flights, never eat cheese tortellini and always heed your mother’s advice.

  1. For example, bring plenty of cash.
  2. For another example, sleep in the preceding days.

This message is brought to you by Two Bums in the Air, your source for everything darling.