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Flash Fiction is Back: “Victorious” (100)

The photo inspiration for Friday Fictioneers

The photo inspiration for Friday Fictioneers

For what it was worth, she had won. As if siphoning life through competition, breathing in victory like oxygen, and being the one who stood at the regal apex were enough to justify any means. Of course, having passed the figurative tortoise, she was now standing cold on the pavement, watching her brother cross a different sort of finish line, family in tow.

The thought was commonplace; a holiday reflection prompted by a chance sighting. Laughter. What it would mean to have lost the salary and gained something else – something normal, unquantifiable.

And yet, she had no time for nonsense.

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Bring an Orange (3)


Some day, I am going to throw a party
for oranges.
People will come

with bags of oranges
tangerines and mandarins.

I will paint the walls
in streaks of watery blood orange;
red, purple,
with texture like pulp.

We will drink Florida’s Natural
and Minute Maid
and we will pull the orange flesh
out from the skin

which we will make into piles
before composting. When we are full
we will puncture the leftover whole oranges
with cloves
until our hair smells like Christmas

and then we will learn to play
pinochle with a burnt orange deck.
On the backs of the cards
we will paint pictures
of elephants
and beautiful wrinkled hands.