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she liked to do other people’s dishes.
Now she was leaning over the sink,
t-shirt sticking to the wet edge,
thinking about wiping counters
wrinkled fingertips
and washing each dish
– a chore associated with a job not offered,
a chore that let her stay out of the way.

When she was done,
she said goodnight.
She wandered to bed.

Her parents explained about dishes,
how doing them was important,
She shrugged, not getting it.

Now it was starting to make sense;
doing dishes
was like paying for dinner by sneaking
a card to the waiter
before dessert.

It was better unbidden,
done as a favor or a gift
just because.
Cleaning for someone is the same
only better because your hands are left
wrinkled, smelling like soap
or laundry.
This reminded her of Thanksgiving.

Everyone in the kitchen
being shooed away
to play with Eddy the dog, the kid cousins.
Everyone taking turns to entertain
even the rerun-watching girlfriend
jaw slack in front of the TV.
For Thanksgiving, everyone pays attention
takes turns,
tries to do the dishes
before someone else does.

Affection, she thought, is a funny thing.

And now she was leaning over the sink
t-shirt sticking to the wet edge. Sometimes
she liked to do the dishes.


The No-Post Streak (Urgh) and Versatile Blogging Award


Right in the middle of my longest no-post streak in quite a long time, I was nominated for a super cool blogging award by my blogging buddy and real-life acquaintance Miq over at Three Descriptors. Click on that link and check out her awesome blog. Do it. For realsies. Get your click on. K great thanks.

In any case, here’s the DL on the Versatile Blogger Award. It looks like this:


  1. Thank the award-givers and link back to them in your acceptance post.
  2. Share seven (7) FACTS about yourself.
  3. Award 15-20 other bloggers the versatility award.
  4. Contact your nominees so they know you nominated them.


A) I dance wildly and sing loudly in order to get pumped up for writing/going out/eating breakfast and sometimes to avoid going to the bathroom.

B) If I were a fruit, I would not be a lime.

C) Today I won a race. Like, ran and was the first person across the finish line. It was incredible. (3.8 miles in 28.09 minutes — not really that fast but winning is winning).

D) I have a group of male friends who have inducted me into their “wolf pack,” and I have not yet told them that it would be unacceptable to do group roofies as a funny surprise (reference point, see: The Hangover). Maybe this is due notification.

E) It is officially true, as of tonight, that I have written three slam poems.

F) People should vacuum their rooms at least once per week.

G) Sticky toffee pudding is the most incredible Scottish dessert. Dessert is spelled with two s’s because you should want two desserts, not two deserts, because deserts are hot and sandy and cacti are hard. But still, you can steal water from a cactus, just not the really small kind that grow on Horny Toad Hill, aptly named by my cousins and me because of the plethora of horny toads to be found there. Wikipedia, though, says they’re actually called horned lizards, which really puts a damper on the rhythm of our hill’s name. On a more interesting note, Wikipedia also claims that ‘horned lizards’ are morphologically similar to the Australian thorny devil. That would be morphology as in biology as opposed to linguistics, which would be the identification, analysis and description of a language’s linguistic units. Duh.


(Quill and Doug — Miq already named you, but you would have been on my list otherwise)

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