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Of the 800 photos I took the first day… 5 (slow internet)


First stop after overnight train. The bee.


Sleeper cabins.


looking out.


A heap.


fruit stand.


(Rules for) Living Life on the Lime (426)


A) Wearing make-up for no reason at all is entirely reasonable.

B) Coffee and sweet things belong together. Like donuts or croissants.

  1. And then a book, and maybe some sun? (Greece, you are not really cooperating on this last front).
  2. When selecting between a pound of coffee with text written entirely in Greek and a pound of coffee with a small set of instructions in English, go for the latter. Unless you speak Greek and know that what you are buying is actually Greek coffee, which my host described to me a few days ago as “like the Arab stuff, you know, with the mud on the bottom.” Seriously?

C) Redheads are sexy. The Black Keys are stupendous.

  1. I am going to dance like the man in that video one day.

D) Writing high quality columns is not always as easy as it appears.

  1. Remedies for this do not include tequila.
  2. And neither, apparently, do they include yoga.

These Rules are brought to you by Garbage on the Acropolis; It's Everywhere Else, Why Shouldn't It Be There, Too?