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Old Poems Posted (3) “Casting”



Vision – like drawing a picture, or doodling, you have an idea how it will look, even a precise image imagined. But rarely does it go very smoothly. If you cannot adjust to a bump in the paper or a twitch of your own hand, then you cannot finish. You must find a way to include mistakes in the final product. You must learn to work through them. Sometimes it exceeds all expectations, even those of its creator.


My dreams like water
dripping from my outstretched hands.
Wet hands.
I remember
without pain
what ache is.
This indecision.
No aspirations can be
separate from childhood,
from parental input.
No collaboration
can dim the floodlights
on a mistake.
On fire.
My promise to myself
is an abstract on life.

What is the long run anyway?


Never keep secrets too long
inside, to must
to memory’s withering.

A mouth opening
closing, a fish spitting
thoughts wide

reality shelved temporarily
self-interest on pause
leaves us feeling emphatic

I hear my voice in the abyss
and all the attention paid
crashes and echoes.