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Edit Edit Edit


It is too bad that we can’t edit our lives. It would be nice to write the day and then go back and make changes. Wouldn’t you go back and change yesterday? Just a little bit? Or maybe last Monday? Or last year?

Or maybe that day four and a half months ago when you did something that still makes you feel sick because it was so embarrassing — and not in the funny way that you might talk about when you are asked to tell about your most embarrassing moment at a party, in front of a big group of people. Maybe it’s all about getting back on the horse. Try again, right?


Diss Update, Running Travails and Life Goals for One Month


So I have written a 20-page short story and I think it’s, like, almost done. (I never used to use the word “like” in my writing that way, but now I think it’s funny). I also have a mostly done 3-page short story. Although the fonts are a little different, I made the size the same so I would be telling you the mostly-truth about length. Now I need to finish another 3-5 pager and I’ll be all done. For now.

And it would be great if I could finish some big applications then, get all the maximum number of people signed up for The OpEd Project, and procure employment. So that’s on the docket. Yay life.

Anybody who wants to give short story feedback, let me know!

In other news, I really need to pee, I am part-owner of a kitten named Mailman, and that third short story needs to come shooting out, like now. Oh wait, that’s not other news. But it just got in there. Because it’s true!

Sometimes the truth just comes out.

On an unrelated note, I might have runner’s knee. What IS that? My Dad is concerned, especially because I was talking about marathons today. I have always been against marathons on the premise that running one is bad for your body because bodies like regularity, rhythm, constancy — that sort of thing.

In any case, I may or may not think that running three marathons would be better, you know, as an initial goal, because then you would be a marathoner as opposed to a ran-a-marathoner-oncer, which would mean your body would get used to it, right? Also, I think that running marathons might be my new favorite possible excuse for traveling the world. And being super fit. Both parts = good parts. There are some potential counter-arguments to this, I think. Like that I could travel the world and run half marathons and it would probably not kill me as quickly.

And then there’s this runner’s knee thing.

Let me describe and if any of you have advice, I would appreciate it: First, I run and later my right knee is a little stiff and sore — but really really not sharp pain by any means unless I keep my knees bent for too long and then they will both hurt until I straighten them, which causes both to pop, although my left knee is never really stiff or sore and this last part (about the bent knees needing to straighten) has been true since I was in middle school so I’m pretty sure it’s not a terrible awful thing.

So it’s really the stiff/sore thing that seems bad. And the fact that sometimes when I bend and straighten my right leg, the knee pops every time. Or when I bend in a different way, to stretch or just move around, it makes little cracking noises. Does that make sense? I would like better or more advice than “ice it” because it *for reals* doesn’t hurt badly enough for that the vast majority of the time and if it did I would ice it. Also, if that’s the only option, then I really do have runner’s knee and the other big rec is that I should rest it. Get me? I like running; I don’t want to rest it indefinitely. I haven’t even been gettin all cray cray and running too much recently.

That’s the story team. Help me out.

14 hours of sleep later


I am in a complete panic about getting a job. So that’s fun.

And another thing, it’s time for me to go running and my phone says it’s 93 degrees outside. WHAT?

Other than that, things are hunky dory. I need to go to the grocery store for five days worth of food, call T, and fall asleep at a reasonable hour. Yet the list of other things I need to do — substantial things — is freaking me out.

Life is frightening when you think too hard about it, but then you list the facts and things are actually ok.

Fact: My sister sent me a Starbucks card because she is awesome and she loves me.

Fact: I have options.

Fact: My parents love me enough to want me around most of the time.

Fact: Sometimes I laugh so hard that I cry.

Fact: It is possible for me to drive around Montana.

Fact: My mom left me a Blue Moon in the fridge. That was so nice.

Fact: I bought new underwear and it is fun.

Fact: Someone will probably hire me to do something in the next two months.

Fact: In fact, someone hired me to do something last week!

Fact: Sometimes I write reasonably decent poetry.

Fact: I have nearly written three whole short stories for my dissertation. Although they need editing.

Fact: Time.

Fact: My cousin is getting married! Yay!

Fact: I literally have the cutest niece and nephew in the entire world.

Fact: The graduates invited me to chaperone their senior sneakout. Translation? I’m cool!

Fact: Yep, I’m officially feeling better.

Time for that run.

The best niece and nephew



To be kinder than expected
To eat when hungry
smile when happy
sleep when tired
To feel comfortable as often as possible
and to laugh at silly mistakes
or big mistakes
— eventually they will be funny

so laugh sooner than later
To remember birthdays
and strange holidays
To kiss strangers and lovers on the cheeks

To do push ups
and row at the gym
To enjoy ducks, trees, the sea, the mountains,

the color blue
or lime

Official News: Blogging > Working, Creative = Smile


I seriously miss my blog and I blame having a real job.

Not to worry, folks: I’m still writing fiendishly, but I have had less time for the random creative endeavors that so often fill these posts. In any case, I’m making an effort to be more organized and just multiply output by two. This is somewhat dramatic because it means if I was producing x amount before, now I will begin to produce 2x amount. HA… you thought I was going to say something smart when I began that sentence, or at least something less obvious. I apologize, this is just what my brain thought. It might take awhile to get up to 2x.

It would probably be a good idea to write some more Rules soon because otherwise I might lose my path toward the Lime Life. So that’s on the agenda for 2x Thursday (tomorrow).

And poetry would be good. I think I was discouraged recently in my poetic endeavors. It’s the self-critical parts of us that really seem able to stymy creative outpourings. Unfortunately. One of the weirder things I’ve done since I was a kid is collect quotes that I love, type them or write them, and add them to a small folder where they are combined with funny or pretty cards people have given me, bizarre doodles from class, and other scraps of life like bumper stickers, etc. I take this folder with me and reassemble the items described on a bulletin board so that now most bits have multiple holes in them from the various thumb tacks I’ve stuck them with over the years. It’s nice because it reminds me that I like to be creative — that sometimes I’m good at it and that other people who are creative inspire me.

Two of my best friends are in med school this year. They’re incredibly smart people, but I think part of what makes them so smart (and yes, I know this is not an original thought), is the wild imaginations they challenge themselves to have. They are not only willing to take a different tack, they have so long welcomed it that now it’s a natural part of problem-solving in their daily lives — and it’s a natural part of the way they observe the world around them. Neither one consents to expectations that might permit underperformance, but neither do they mistake the straight and narrow for the best path from point A to point B.

It’s cool shiz. I’m glad they like me, even when I don’t blog. My life would be very boring otherwise.

take a walk