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Pantoum Example Inspired by a Monk, Geshe Ven Lhakdor


1 Senseless running and running
2 will only tire you.
3 We must make development but
4 what does it mean?

2 That will only tire you.
5 We need more time.
4 What does it mean
6 to be distracted and confused, to rush?

5 We need more time
7 to look for a real purpose. Meditate.
6 To be distracted and confused, to rush;
8 this is attention deficit disorder

7 Look for a real purpose. Meditate.
9 Find real knowledge, deep compassion.
8 No more attention deficit disorder.
10 We do not know how to live alone or together. Let us

9 find real knowledge, deep compassion.
3 We must make development. But
10 we do not how to live alone or together. Let us
1 stop senseless running and running.


My Incredibly Mature Confession


Ok, so apparently being alone on a small island in Greece for two weeks can actually be a little lonely. It’s almost as if being able to communicate with people in person is important to mental health or something. Right.

However, I have an alternative reading of my feelings of loneliness. What is actually going on is that I am being pushed to manage my time wisely and do all of the things that I think I want to do in an efficient way and that happens to be vaguely challenging. I’m feeling lonely because I can’t blame other people for interference or my lack of focus.

And maybe this sounds a little strange, but I this thinking to be a good step. I hit the wall a little bit yesterday and the day before — feeling frustrated and letting myself engage unhealthier activities as a distraction from all of the healthy activities that are more challenging (playing solitaire on my phone and watching like four episodes of a TV show that really isn’t, um, quality). But now I have the opportunity to acknowledge these as tactics of delay, maybe even coping mechanisms for feeling overwhelmed by my own sets of goals, and I can put them aside and refocus — because I still have a little over a week to master nirvana. Right? Right.

Not that watching an episode of less-than-quality television on occasion is deeply destructive to humanity. But maybe compulsively watching four is less impressive.

So. It has been decided. I am getting up early tomorrow. Watch out, people. Super productive wild woman is making her entrance.

Notice the question mark...