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Cat on Lap


The cat named Mailman
touches my nose with his nose
then purrs and stretches.

Impossibly cute.
I wouldn’t say I like cats
but this one, paw up,

claws in. This one is
cute, soft enough, and asleep
on my lap. But soon

he will be less cute
a human fed predator —
hired mouse snatcher,

leisure bird killer.
Surely a natural drawback
but I hesitate.


Mailman the Cat


My two-year-old niece and nephew named my parent’s new kitten Mailman. He is small and black and currently asleep on my lap, like any good kitten would be. He likes to wrestle with a small stuffed green bulldog that my mom bought for him at a thrift store.

Among other things, Mailman is good at licking plates and meowing and also getting stuck in trees. Sometimes he gets too excited while playing so that he scratches and bites your hands. He has sharp teeth and claws, which is generally unpleasant when he is overexcited. However, he also likes to perch on shoulders and laps and purr for long periods of time. Including now.

Mailman and the bulldog foe face off


Mailman for the win