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(Rules for) Living Life on the Lime (337)


A. Do not be afraid to take a break.

  1. From anything. Seriously, from running or writing or being really strict with yourself on that diet. Or whatever.
  2. For real. But don’t do anything extreme. Taking a break is good as long as it doesn’t result in extreme unhealthy life conditions.
  3. Ok, so #2 was probably obvious, but I didn’t want to be responsible for anyone else’s bad decision-making as a result of unclear advice.

B. Working 90-100 hours per week is possible.

C. Over-attachment to one’s mobile device is unhealthy.

D. The best non-caffeinated beverage at Starbucks is the venti soy Refresh tea misto.

  1. “Refresh” is mint. Yum.
  2. Second best is in the frapuccino section. Probably green tea.

E. Running in the rain is not nearly as unpleasant as you might imagine, unless you run without key items like headbands to cover your cold ears or a water proof jacket or an episode of This American Life to listen to on your i-pod.

  1. Radio Lab is a reasonable substitute when you run out of This American Life.
  2. Headphones are also important.
  3. And a grandiose pancake breakfast afterwards.

F. If you have two-year-old twins for your niece and nephew, it may be a good idea to take them to Trader Joe’s because they have baby carts there.

  1. It may also be a good idea to pick apples with them and find them lots of books at thrift stores and it is very important that you know about bath time and bike riding.

Keep pumpkins on the mind, too.


(Rules for) Living Life on the Lime (182) FLUMC Edition


A) Try synchronized swimming.

  1. Especially in a lake.
  2. But take your time jumping in. It’s nerve-racking.

B) Hot dogs are awesome. Tomato soup is less awesome.

C) Keep camp feet under control.

  1. Recommended: bathe and apply lotion.
  2. (Definition of camp feet: grimy everywhere).

D) Run in the morning to revitalize your spirit.

E) No drugs or sex in the bushes at church camp.

F) Sleep will save you.

  1. And hugs.

G) Sing.

H) Wear bug spray.

Camp, photo credit Janna

(Rules for) Living Life on the Lime (#444)


A) Never do work in a sauna.

  1. Or too near your mother who is making phone calls.

B) Make whole wheat banana pumpkin muffins.

  1. YUM
  2. If you have honey, I bet that would be double good, but we didn’t, so I used brown sugar.

C) Email one liners. They’re funny.

D) Hawaiian Tropic sunscreen smells the best.

E) Go running with a family member.

  1. It will be good for both of you (physically, mentally, etc.).
  2. Probably she/he will say something that will surprise you.
  3. It might even make for a good story later. Like if he/she sees a stick and thinks it’s a snake and leaps into the air.

Oh a joyful world.

(Rules for) Living Life on the Lime (425)


A. Be a radical optimist.

  1. Smile more because it makes you happier.
  2. Sleep more because it also makes you happier.
  3. Remember what it’s like to be around grumpy people.
  • (not super fun).

B. When traveling by train at night in India, use the Western style toilet.

C. Consider the usefulness of hanging upside down.

D. Appreciate your ankles and air that is clean and sweet porridge and brightly colored clothing.

  1. Expressing appreciation will make you happier.

E. Eat turmeric.

  1. Apparently it reduces the risk of degenerative brain diseases.
  2. Try turmeric on sweet potatoes with paprika or in split pea soup. Yum yum.

F. When you see locals dashing into a cafe run by a monastery, follow them!

  1. Maybe you will find ginger tea and authentic Indian tea and fried rice and sweet porridge.
  2. Maybe you will sit in the balcony and see goats on the roof not quite next door, but nearby.
  3. And maybe you will discover secret stairs and foot paths that wind between the apartment buildings and shanties and then you will feel in-the-know.

(Rules for) Living Life on the Lime (546)


A. When going for a walk on the beach, consider wearing protective eyewear.

B. Try to travel so much that you forget what your bed feels like — maybe so much that you don’t really have a “my bed.”

  1. Some day staying home will feel so good.

C. Learn at least one weird bird call.

D. Write thank you notes.

E. When confronted with an opportunity to do something strange/interesting/unusual in public, do it.

  1. This might involve hopping through a hole in a fence (see previous post) or it might involve singing spontaneously.
  2. Getting food on your face awkwardly counts. It’s funny.
  3. Weird clothes are also a go.

The Falkirk Wheel, aka Something Super Weird the Scots Did in Public

(Rules for) Living Life on the Lime (100)


A) Vegetables.

B) Learn how to do a handstand because at CrossFit they say that it will make you less likely to injure yourself falling, especially upside down, because you will know what it is like to be upside down.

C) Write things on a white board.

  1. It is fun.
  2. Use multiple colors.

D) Muffins can be made into loaves.

  1. And then you don’t have to clean the muffin tin.

E) Read the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and the other ones. Stieg Larsson, I’m really sad you died.

F) Let your stomach growl sometimes. It’s good to feel hungry.

  1. Then eat!

G) Take pictures.

  1. But don’t be overly nostalgic. It’s lame.
  2. Enjoy bright colors and sunrises and sunsets.
  3. Appreciate what other people claim is not art. They’re lame, too.
  4. Have someone else take a picture of you doing a handstand.


these are mallards.

(Rules for) Living Life on the Lime (37)


A) Bake.

B) Have no strict rules about what you hate because it’s fun to be surprised into liking something or someone.

C) Naptime is the best time.

  1. Besides walking or running outside time.
  2. Or eating brunch time.
  3. Or hugging time.

D) Road trip.

E) Recent discovery: ducks always make me happy.