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(Rules for) Living Life on the Lime (89)


A). Imagine what you would be like if you were 89 years old.

B). Eat a seasonable fruit.

C). If you are going running in Scotland, wear protective layers over your ears.

  1. For example, a bandana that would be mistaken for gang gear in the south Seattle or Chicago is definitely appropriate while running in Scotland.
  2. I mean, you could wear a hat, too. That would probably work.

D). Consider writing down a plot to take over the world. It will probably be a bestseller.

E). Read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Reading is good for you.

  1. Then draw pictures of tattoos you wish you could get for a year and then make disappear.
  2. Draw lots of these pictures because it is good to exercise your creative mind.

F). Having a schedule is good.

Sometimes you just need to shut the door.




Today I ate a lot of broccoli, and a little cabbage. (So Mom, don’t worry). Also, yesterday, I ate carrots. (How is that for a spectrum of color)?

On Saturday, I’m running in a very official seeming race. This is unfortunate because I’m feeling extremely slow as of late. I probably need to start training for a half marathon, but ugh, it’s so hard to actually create a schedule and stick to it.

In any case, I will be eating more vegetables tomorrow.