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To Starve (98)


This image was provided by Madison Woods as inspiration for the Friday Fictioneers

We die slowly.

Our mothers bring scraps, our fathers weep. For us, the politicians come making speeches; they declare what is right and what is wrong. They call for money, always more money. We watch and are subdued, as they cry out, with fists of rage to wave at injustice.

From where we lay, collapsed into the earth, we see a world like ash. Dust blows over us and we close our eyes. At the last, each of us is alone.

Yet together we are millions, hungry and quiet. Is this the wasteland? Is this the promised heaven?

For more flashes prompted by this week’s photo, and to learn more about flash fiction, visit Madison Woods and explore.

Bring an Orange (1)


I have always liked orange poetry

I imagine blood oranges open
or shards of peel
falling into snow
from wrinkled hands.

Oranges are wealth,
the necessary
addition to sad stories
like the one about the elephants
in zoos who starved
while humans shot each other
and built guns
to shoot each other