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Memories Forgot


Piled under blankets,
pigment greased thick
under fingernails – scrubbed once
or twice – her breath falls soft.

Fast as Nike, she slept.
Night crept darker still;
under what pretense
would light appear but dawn?

An hour forgotten, a day forgotten.
The memories fade and no witness
to bear this breath in or out.
Snow drifts. One hurricane
follows another, falls dark.



the un-decibel.
so silent it hums.
what isn’t.
right before the storm.
that falling, grasping, shhh.
when the mind has slowed.
the breath has caught.
a glacier melting not groaning yet.
not fracturing or breaking.
or crashing.
not sighing or even exhaling.
what lands between two beats.
goes undetected.
disappears when the foot falls.

Flash Fiction is Back: “Victorious” (100)

The photo inspiration for Friday Fictioneers

The photo inspiration for Friday Fictioneers

For what it was worth, she had won. As if siphoning life through competition, breathing in victory like oxygen, and being the one who stood at the regal apex were enough to justify any means. Of course, having passed the figurative tortoise, she was now standing cold on the pavement, watching her brother cross a different sort of finish line, family in tow.

The thought was commonplace; a holiday reflection prompted by a chance sighting. Laughter. What it would mean to have lost the salary and gained something else – something normal, unquantifiable.

And yet, she had no time for nonsense.

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Pantoum Example Inspired by a Monk, Geshe Ven Lhakdor


1 Senseless running and running
2 will only tire you.
3 We must make development but
4 what does it mean?

2 That will only tire you.
5 We need more time.
4 What does it mean
6 to be distracted and confused, to rush?

5 We need more time
7 to look for a real purpose. Meditate.
6 To be distracted and confused, to rush;
8 this is attention deficit disorder

7 Look for a real purpose. Meditate.
9 Find real knowledge, deep compassion.
8 No more attention deficit disorder.
10 We do not know how to live alone or together. Let us

9 find real knowledge, deep compassion.
3 We must make development. But
10 we do not how to live alone or together. Let us
1 stop senseless running and running.