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Yo da le la lu the weird version of (Rules for) Living Life on the Lime (989)


I just think everyone should know that I’m super happy.

Job applications in the works. Let me know if you hear about something in the legal field that doesn’t require a JD: k great thanks.

Also, listen to some Foster the People because it will make you happy. The whole album is the best option.

If someone offers to show you how to do a back flip, do it. Then teach me.

Eat greens.

Then eat ramen and Captain Crunch — the one with colorful stuff is better but might have worse chemical colorings in it.

Free association.

God, bears are cool.


Editing. Running.

Oh my gosh and I’m finally reading The Hunger Games. You should read it too. I couldn’t stop and stayed awake until 2:30 am. This means that I made it through half the book and tonight I’m going to get in bed at, like, 9 so that I can finish it before I go to sleep without also preventing myself from getting enough sleep.

Sleep is super great.

I actually kind of like Twitter. Let’s Tweet together. You can follow me.

Now it is time for me to listen to Lonely Boy. RIGHT NOW.

A woman was yodeling the other afternoon at Montana Jack’s (that’s in Dean, MT, — I dare you to find it without asking for directions) and it was cool.

EmPeeTee — I bet you could learn to yodel. It would be hilarious.

Signing off,
the one and only, really truly alive and attempting to write, LIME

serenity, serenity. Oh, I have serenity.


Someone, Somewhere


Someone, somewhere is learning to drive the Hulk like a real rancher, even if the Hulk is actually a small Japanese truck with the driver’s side on the right, because that’s how we do in Montana.

14 hours of sleep later


I am in a complete panic about getting a job. So that’s fun.

And another thing, it’s time for me to go running and my phone says it’s 93 degrees outside. WHAT?

Other than that, things are hunky dory. I need to go to the grocery store for five days worth of food, call T, and fall asleep at a reasonable hour. Yet the list of other things I need to do — substantial things — is freaking me out.

Life is frightening when you think too hard about it, but then you list the facts and things are actually ok.

Fact: My sister sent me a Starbucks card because she is awesome and she loves me.

Fact: I have options.

Fact: My parents love me enough to want me around most of the time.

Fact: Sometimes I laugh so hard that I cry.

Fact: It is possible for me to drive around Montana.

Fact: My mom left me a Blue Moon in the fridge. That was so nice.

Fact: I bought new underwear and it is fun.

Fact: Someone will probably hire me to do something in the next two months.

Fact: In fact, someone hired me to do something last week!

Fact: Sometimes I write reasonably decent poetry.

Fact: I have nearly written three whole short stories for my dissertation. Although they need editing.

Fact: Time.

Fact: My cousin is getting married! Yay!

Fact: I literally have the cutest niece and nephew in the entire world.

Fact: The graduates invited me to chaperone their senior sneakout. Translation? I’m cool!

Fact: Yep, I’m officially feeling better.

Time for that run.

The best niece and nephew

Exciting News #2


And now I have a deadline for writing that story.

Because I’m church camp counseling for some adolescents starting Saturday and I gots to be done done done with this story before then. So, 5-10k words will be coming out of my ears, brain and fingertips by Tuesday. This is my plan in order to edit rounds one, two, three, by Friday and then beg the Grand CL — those letters could stand for any number of things including Coolest Lung, Clapping Llama, or Crazy Laugh, none of which would make sense but all of which are possible — to read and edit round 4 while I am far far away on the banks of Lake Flathead.

It sounds like I’m making this stuff up, right? But CL is a real person who likes me enough to read and edit things that I write even when not required to (sort of like some of you), and Lake Flathead is a real place named for a native American tribe. There is even some land in the middle of it called Crazy Horse Island. And the water is really cold. Something of which I am sure I will be reminded when said adolescents decide to go swimming and I am required to chaperone.

Yep. Now you know what’s up.

Also, it’s my cousin’s birthday. He’s 19, which is a really exciting age. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Some places in the world look like this. Flathead is pretty too. I promise to take pictures.