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Weekly Photo Challenge: My Neighborhood (the Walk Home)








(Rules for) Living Life on the Lime (546)


A. When going for a walk on the beach, consider wearing protective eyewear.

B. Try to travel so much that you forget what your bed feels like — maybe so much that you don’t really have a “my bed.”

  1. Some day staying home will feel so good.

C. Learn at least one weird bird call.

D. Write thank you notes.

E. When confronted with an opportunity to do something strange/interesting/unusual in public, do it.

  1. This might involve hopping through a hole in a fence (see previous post) or it might involve singing spontaneously.
  2. Getting food on your face awkwardly counts. It’s funny.
  3. Weird clothes are also a go.

The Falkirk Wheel, aka Something Super Weird the Scots Did in Public

Exciting Double Link (Corporations or Universities)


Two of my columns are out and about on the internet today. You can find one about campaign finance and corporations here at the Emory Wheel and one about community-building at universities here on the Saint’s website.

So that’s exciting news.

Also, I have been having a week of awesome. There was a post-midnight walk early on, which reminded me of why I like being spontaneous. There was class and meetings with both of my tutors. A lot of coffee has happened, and one of my classmates wrote a short story that blew my mind, like whoa. Last night I beat Will in an epic leg wrestling contest. And this afternoon, I will be reading “The Maltese Falcon” and making a trip to the gym to do circuits with the cross country team. Dude… it’s so awesome.