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Flash Fiction is Back: “Victorious” (100)

The photo inspiration for Friday Fictioneers

The photo inspiration for Friday Fictioneers

For what it was worth, she had won. As if siphoning life through competition, breathing in victory like oxygen, and being the one who stood at the regal apex were enough to justify any means. Of course, having passed the figurative tortoise, she was now standing cold on the pavement, watching her brother cross a different sort of finish line, family in tow.

The thought was commonplace; a holiday reflection prompted by a chance sighting. Laughter. What it would mean to have lost the salary and gained something else – something normal, unquantifiable.

And yet, she had no time for nonsense.

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The Fun Run I Won


I participated today in a “fun run” with the cross-country team.


(On the girls’ side.) Also, it was meant to be a 5k, but it wasn’t actually; it was more like a 4.6k. Anyway, they gave me a t-shirt, which made me feel good about myself because I measure my worth by the amount of free t-shirts I am given yearly.

This may be my new strategy for making friends: run faster than they do. I think this is effective because they can know that if they needed me to be somewhere, I could probably get there quickly, if I am focused and not wearing heels.